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Lights. Camera. Take Action.

We are grateful. Not just for people and experiences, but for the opportunity to express ourselves through the arts in so many unique ways.

You continue to write stories that we have been fortunate enough to create. Together, we are visionaries.

Thank you for believing in our vision, as much as we believe in yours.

During this time of year, we like to take a step back and think about what matters the most.  

“As an adoptive mother through the foster care program, Lilly’s Light is a project near and dear to my heart. It reminds us that family is not always defined by where you were born, but where you belong.”
Jenni Ogden, Eye Q Productions Co-Founder


We hope you enjoy this clip from Lilly’s Light, a story that has its roots in an enchanted lighthouse foster home. It’s a magical, musical adventure that opens hearts and minds to the idea that “Life Is Full Of Possibilities.”

Seek Lilly's Light

Lilly’s Light is a live-action musical featuring all original, world-class music, celebrity talent, original animation and award-winning production & design.

Lilly’s Light is not only fun, creative, entertaining and educational, it is also a call to action. The best way to truly reach people is through the arts. Storytelling, music & entertainment can truly open our hearts and minds to possibilities, new ways of thinking and new ways of connecting.

Thank you to everyone who believes in the power of visionary design. We are fortunate to surround ourselves with a community of creators and innovators. 

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