About the Company


Eye Q Productions is an award winning creative production company specializing in immersive entertainment, projection design, 3D projection mapping, video production, animation, new show development and technical design.  Utilizing the latest new and emerging technologies in immersive entertainment, interactive design, and mixed reality, Eye Q blends live performance with visual design and effects for truly immersive theater, music and live events.

Our team consists of a talented group of visionary producers, visual designers, editors, videographers, animators and artists as well as show directors, choreographers & talent for live performance.  We collaborate with the top technical directors and designers in the industry and utilize cutting edge technology, from media servers to projection equipment, to special venues such as 360 Full Dome Theater.

The team is versed in working with most media servers and projection systems and can specify and supply equipment for your project.  We are a Coolux Pandoras Box Dealer.



Clients and Partners