The Team

Jenni Ogden

President | Executive Producer

Jenni Ogden

Jenni is an award-winning creative producer with over a decade of experience in production, and nearly 20 years in entertainment. Jenni is a Board Member & Secretary of the Producers Guild of America (PGA) New Media Council. She is also an active member of Women in Film (WIF), Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) and Women in Animation (WIA).   

As an entrepreneur and producer, Jenni is know for her creative vision, positive management style and spot on creative direction.  Her Recent work includes immersive projection design, animation & 3D mapping for live theatre for "Paradis" and "Elements" onboard the Norwegian Joy, “Twice Charmed” aboard the Disney Magic, “The Golden Mickey’s” aboard the Disney Wonder, and Disney “Dreams” aboard the Disney Magic and projection design & animation for Disney’s “Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular” winner of Live Design’s 2013 Excellence award for theater, Universal’s “Uni 360” featuring large scale projection mapping as well as full dome experiences for Constantine at Comicon 2014 and the Battiest Brothers “The Storm” for ‘In The Round’ at Art Basel in Miami.

She is currently producing & developing shows for 360 immersive theatre & experiences such as Immersive cinema/live theatre, and exploring narrative & cinematic VR.  Jenni’s passion is for producing work that is relevant as well as entertaining; cultural storytelling, diversity, socio-ethical issues, and new & emerging technologies.

Jenni has produced shows, events and spectaculars for clients such as Norwegian, Disney, NBC, Universal Studios, Vortex Immersion Media, Golfstream, Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, Nokia Theater, Interscope Records, Sub Pop Records and Warner Music Group.


Creative Director

Jeff Klein

Jeff is a 25-year veteran director and producer of award winning video and animation for theater, interactive animation and live events.  Jeff began his career at Universal Studios in 1981, moving through positions in management, show management and then as a producer for Universal for 10 years.  Jeff is known for being a creative visionary in new show development & video production as well as technical design, and is always finding new and creative ways to integrate the latest technologies and live talent with video, animation & effects.  His creative input and loyal management style have developed a reputation as a talented designer with a dedicated team.  Jeff has been responsible for the media design as well as creative vision on countless shows and events worldwide including the opening spectacular for Universal Japan and the #1 rated show for the opening of Disneyland Hong Kong.  Jeff is conversationally fluent in Japanese & Spanish and has basic skills in Mandarin and Cantonese as well as several other languages.

Jeff has 7 top-rated shows currently running on the Disney Cruise Lines, including an award for visual design for Disney’s “Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular”, “The Golden Mickey’s” on both Disney Cruise Lines and Disneyland Hong Kong and 2 shows for Norwegian Cruise Line; "Elements" & "Paradis" as well as productions for Warner Brothers, Paramount, Universal, Thinkwell Design, Hasbas and many others

Visual Effects |Editor

Bill Lae

Bill is an award-winning visual effects artist, image creator, graphic designer & cinematographer.  Most recently, he worked as a part of the Eye Q Productions team on the video content for Norwegian Cruise Line shows "Paradis" and "Elements", Disney’s "The Golden Mickeys" on board the Wonder, Disney’s ‘Dreams’ on board the Disney Magic as well as the content for an event for 360 full dome theatre.

Bill’s extensive production experience comes from his days as one of Hollywood’s busiest digital effects experts, having worked as a graphic designer and visual effects specialist for all the major networks and nearly all of the Los Angeles special effects houses. Some of the top shows in television including, The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Showtime’s The Outer Limits have all received Bill’s magic touch in effects. He has also created and executed visual effects for music videos, including Michael Jackson and Madonna, and has designed on-air promotion graphics and network I.D.s. Bill was the designer and digital artist for on-air graphic design for NBC, ABC, Fox Family, ABC Family, and has also worked closely with other designers creating packages for CBS, MTV, FOX and TNT.


3D Specialist

Rob Buchanan

Rob is an award winning animator, art director and game designer with experience in character design and animation for many shows, spectaculars and events as a part of the Eye Q Productions team; such as the original animation for numerous Disney Theatre productions, 3D projection mapping for spectaculars at Disneyland and Universal Studios as well as urban installations & immersive design.   Rob also has extensive experience as a designer, art director and animator for video games, apps and mobile games and as art director for the development of the award winning Reading Rainbow app, rated the #1 app in education.

Rob studied character animation and visual arts at CalArts.  His passion as a team leader and mentor (and as an artist) is to create meaningful experiences with inspired animation and visual design.  That’s the core of it: telling a good story and telling it well.



Video Designer

Sam Roseman

Sam Roseman is a Los Angeles based designer currently working in video design. She is a passionate storyteller who enjoys creating a product or experience that makes a connection with people through technology. Sam is a doer of all things video, including 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, compositing and editing, as well as content management and programming.

Some of her recent projects include video designer and content manager on Elements and Paradis with Norwegian Cruise Line, and video designer and video programmer for Havana Music Hall.

Sam holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatrical Design and Production from CalArts and a Certificate in Full Stack Web Development from UCLA Extension.


Concept Artist | Animation

Kelon Cen

Kelon has worked in many forms of media, from traditional academic art paintings to digital 2D/3D animation. He has explored animation in film and digital forms along with its integration into video installation, dome and theater projection.

“Fluidity” is the word to describe his mastery of the smooth lines in his calligraphy and paintings, the animation of metamorphosis and body movement, and the sound-driven editing. His works are influenced by surrealism and have been exhibited in various festivals including Electronic Language International Festival in São Paulo, Animamix Biennale in Hong Kong, etc.

Kelon holds a BA in creative media from City University of Hong Kong and MFA in experimental animation from CalArts. He continues his experiments in creative expression, meanwhile, holding a commercially-oriented mind in branding concept and graphic design.



Administrative Assistant

Michael Massey

Michael is a manager and educator for live performance. Recently moving to Los Angeles after working in the Seattle and Austin theatre communities, Michael believes the performing arts are a gateway to solving some of our most challenging problems and that, with a great team and a little planning, anything is possible. Some of his most treasured times have involved partnering with projects that use the arts as an avenue for community outreach and social change, having experience with touring productions in prison systems, companies promoting the work for people of color, and school districts with underfunded arts programs. Michael has had the pleasure of working as a Stage Manger, Production Manager, and educator with Seattle Children's Theatre, New Century Theatre Company, Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle Public Theatre, Freehold Theatre Studio/ LAB, The University of Texas at Austin, The Rude Mechanicals, and The VORTEX Repertory Theatre. Michael holds a BA in Theatre and Dance from The University of Texas at Austin.