The Future Starts Today

The Future Starts Today
eye q

Out with the conventional and in with the progressive.

By thinking outside of the box, we utilize the latest technologies to create transformative experiential design.

Eye Q Productions incorporates live tracking of video that enables us to follow a single or multiple targets within an ensemble, allowing for group unity without losing track of the individual.

 As we push the visual threshold in 2018, we will continue to seek creative ways to incorporate immersion into our storytelling and entertainment from themed entertainment and musical productions to sporting and corporate events.  
Find Your Own Fairytale

No need for storybook endings when fairytales can be brought back to life. Magical projection mapping and live tracking of costumes onstage are two key elements of Eye Q Productions innovation.

The mapping of dresses for Cinderella (Twice Charmed) and Aurora (Golden Mickeys), a magical transformation, can be implemented in musical performances, live theater, and even weddings and events.

Our team transcends the mixed and augmented reality space as we integrate the latest technologies and innovations into unforgettable visual narratives.
Stay tuned for some exciting new forms and formats coming from Eye Q Productions in 2018!
Jenni Ogden