Eye Q Productions is a full-service creative video production, animation and technology company. We come from a show and entertainment background so we understand what will capture the hearts and minds of your target demographic to create a memorable show or event.  Bringing brand awareness and leaving an impression long after the initial promotion is over, we treat each project like a show, bringing a unique vision blended with bleeding-edge technology to the experiential world.

 We enjoy doing new and innovative projects, so if you can vision it we can generally find a way to make it happen!  Creative round tables are a great way to vision a new promotion or event.


The Constantine full dome film is a spectacular 4D event that fully immerses you into the world of Constantine, a TV series based on the Comic Book, Hellblazer.

The project, which debuted at Comic Con 2014, is the brainchild of POP2life and Vortex Immersion Media, whose close collaboration with NBC Universal, Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment developed a groundbreaking marketing campaign including a full dome immersive film, a giant 25 ft. Constantine standee in front of the dome, a custom mobile application, and a live phone number where you listen directly to John Constantine.

The show director Ed Lantz engaged Eevolver Inc. and Eye Q Productions to co-direct the film.   The show was co- produced by Eye Q Productions and Eevolver.  Jenni Ogden (Eye Q Productions) was the overall show producer.

Additional key collaborators include; Show consultant, Alison Savitch, Hiddenstory Productions. Ian Downie led the Vortex venue production team and Special Events Management was lead by Annmarie Feiler.

"300" Movie Event