Comicon 2014 - Constantine 360 Immersive Dome Event


The, “Constantine” full dome film is a spectacular 4D event that fully immerses you into the world of, “Constantine”, a new TV series based on the Comic Book, “Hellblazer”.

Stop by to see the experience, it is a HELL of a show.

Making it’s debut today at Comicon, the project is the brainchild of POP2life and Vortex Immersion Media, whose close collaboration with NBC Universal, Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment developed a groundbreaking marketing campaign including: a full dome immersive film, a giant 25 ft. Constantine standee in front of the dome, a custom mobile application and a live phone number where you listen directly to John Constantine.

The show director Ed Lantz engaged Eevolver Inc. and Eye Q Productions to co-direct the film.   The show was co produced by EyeQ Productions and Eevolver.  Jenni Ogden (Eye Q Productions) was the overall show producer.

Additional key collaborators include; Show consultant, Alison Savitch, Hiddenstory Productions. Ian Downie led the Vortex venue production team and Special Events Management was lead by Annmarie Feiler.


Jenni Ogden