"The Storm" Full Dome Music Video

Eye Q Productions recently had the opportunity to create a full dome music video for a project entitled 'In The Round' showing at the prestigious art show in Miami - Art Basel.

"The Storm" music video by Seminole music artists Spencer & Zachary Battiest was designed for 360 full dome theatre by Eye Q Productions w/ Vortex Immersion Media. The show is of course best experienced in a 360 immersive dome.

The Storm from Jenni Ogden on Vimeo.

The Seminole tribe of Florida is the only indigenous tribe in the US that was unconquered by invading forces. Through two battles they fought to survive and protect their people… and won. I believe that telling these stories in unique and creative ways is deeply important, relevant work, an opportunity to bring people together through deeper understanding of the roots of a culture and how it relates to modern society. We loved utilizing the mix of modern day music and footage from their music video with ancestral imagery of the Seminole people to tell their story, adding in original environmental visuals, effects as well as a full surround sound design & fx to enhance the fully immersive experience.

This is an emerging format that is on the cutting edge of entertainment. As an artist in residence through c3: Center for Conscious Creativity located at the Vortex dome theatre in Los Angeles we have the unique opportunity to fully explore this new & exciting medium for shows, experiences as well as live stage.

With two original shows currently in development for 360 Immersive Theatre and hopefully many more opportunities to create music videos, events and stage performances in Full Dome, you can be sure to hear more about this format from me in the coming year!

Jenni Ogden