Digital Hollywood

This past month our very own Jenni Ogden was invited to speak at Digital Hollywood in Marina Del Ray. Sitting next to the top professionals in the digital field, EYE Q Productions was honored to be present.  The conference consisted of 3 days of workshops and panels, from social media presence to Augmented Reality to investing and innovating.  Each night ending in an amazing dinner at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

While there, Jenni Ogden and our partner, Vortex Immersion Media, accepted an award for Best in Immersive:  Total Immersive From Theme Park to Installations for the show"Constantine 4D Full Dome Experience”. Vortex Immersion Media is the owner of the amazing domes, including one stationary dome theater at the Los Angeles Center Studios.

With such excitement around our award winning EYE Q Productions team, and partner Vortex Immersion Media, there was a lot to share.  Ed Lantz, one of two owners of Vortex was also there to speak.

Jenni was selected to speak on a Panel on immersive entertainment and presented ideas and projects we are currently working on.  Some projects that were discussed included the "Constantine Full Dome Experience" for Comic Con in 2014, the all original Pasión 360 our live theater project, "The Storm" music video created for the full dome and virtual reality, and a developing trans-media project, "Lilly's Light" envisioned for live theater, virtual reality, and television.  She also discussed creating an immersive experience in traditional theater spaces utilizing 3D projection mapping techniques.  It was a well received and was very enjoyable to listen to.

At the panel, Jenni went on to say that “Moving into a full dome immersive theater experience was really a natural progression for us.  We’ve been inspired to create immersive theater experiences for over a decade and the last few years have been taking it to a new level across the board.”

She also went to say, “I truly believe this is the theater of the future…creating a new language in live theater.”

With over 1000s of guests, the event was a definite success and we would like to congratulate all the winners and speakers!

Jenni Ogden