Supporting Creativity through Crowdfunding

Those of you who follow me on Twitter @eyeqproductions may have noticed my recent interest in crowdfunding.  Aside from doing research for possibly crowd funding a project of my own - STAY TUNED!  I really love the concept of people supporting creative pursuits that inspire them, feeling a part of the creative process and voting, with their hard earned dollars, for what they want to see instead of being spoon fed content, entertainment, products & ideas by the corporate monsters that have taken over life as we know it in today's society.

I read a great comparison in an article @Indie-Beat about how so many of us are willing to walk that extra block or spend a little extra on our latte's to support a mom & pop, organic or fair trade coffee shop.  I know I do.  It's the same concept and I love the idea of people, whether they are in the creative fields, your neighbor or just Joe Blow consumer that loves a great (fill in the blank - movie, theater, music, idea) supporting creative, entrepreneurial pursuits.  An opportunity for anyone to be a part of the creative process, supporting independent endeavors, helping the little guy build their dreams.

This is nothing new for me... those who know me well remember my record label days, the launch of my indie record label and my feelings about the corporate greed of the industry forgetting that the music they so callously referred to as 'product' was actually someone's dreams.  So this new paradigm of supporting such dreams & creativity in the face of corporate America's greed in this difficult & unbalanced economy is really nice to see.  What can I say... I like it!

I hope we all take this into consideration the next time one of our friends & colleagues are promoting their efforts on Kickstarter, Indie Go Go or Seed & Spark.

I would love to hear everyone's thoughts on this one... like I said... I'm intrigued!

Jenni Ogden