When We First Opened Pandoras Box

When We First Opened Pandoras Box

The concept was to celebrate the history of iconic Universal films in the first signature, nighttime spectacular at Universal Studios Orlando to feature architectural projection mapping. For the team at Eye Q Productions, it was our first project utilizing coolux Pandoras Box media servers, and an opportunity to meet our now long-time friend and collaborator, Steve Gilbard (Theatrical Concepts), and the beginning of a partnership for the ages.  

Since that time, Eye Q and Theatrical Concepts have collaborated to turn-key a full range of live, immersive experiences utilizing 3D projection mapping. From originating creative screen technologies to groundbreaking show concepts, their body of work includes architectural building mapping, and the projection and technical design for live theatre productions aboard several cruise ships.  
Missen U Brandy
 Just as great storytelling requires the precise blend of creative vision and technique, the partnership between Eye Q's captivating visual design and Theatrical Concepts's wealth of technological expertise has created innovative experiences using new, emerging technologies.

For one of our more recent projects, ‘Elements’ aboard the Norwegian Joy, the audience is immersed in each of the four elements as the walls of the theatre, stage deck, and set are transformed into mythical imagery via 3D projection mapping.  In our first journey together, 'Uni360' for Universal Studios Orlando, viewers were surrounded in the largest-scale projection mapping experience of the time.  For these and so many projects in between, it’s been a fabulous ride!
This is the time of year that we look to give our friends and partners in both life and work some much needed love and appreciation. We are grateful to have such a visionary and talented technologist, Steve Gilbard, and his team at Theatrical Concepts at our side as we embark on each new journey.
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