5 Ways to Create the Most Immersive Visual Design Experience

It’s time to create a world that we’ve all imagined. Let’s remove the imagination block, so that we can enter a world of possibility.  Eye Q Productions has set out to bridge the gap between vision and intelligence, as we expand your vision of reality. Here are 5 ways to level up your next show or event.

Why remain flat when you can invite your audience into a story or experience? We believe in immersive entertainment. You aren’t just telling a story, you are making it come to life. Create art that is immersive, and tear down the walls that come between the visionary, the performer, and the audience. Invite your audience on a journey, into the story, breaking the 4th wall in creative, innovative ways is what makes your narrative magical.

Excitement is what keeps your audience engaged from beginning to end. Think outside the box to create a production that exceeds the norm.  People are drawn to the element of surprise, so always leave them wanting more. Our arena combines creativity with technology, forever pushing the boundaries and exploring new and emerging forms of entertainment.  New technology is only as cool as where creativity can take it.  Let’s all get creative!

Leave your mark, and make a visual statement. Immersive entertainment can fill any space, whether part of a live theatre performance, 4D full dome experiences, architectural projection mapping, and much more. Know what you want to tell, and allow visionaries to help you tell it.

People are most engaged when they feel emotionally connected to characters. Through creative experience design and technologies such as augmented reality, audiences become a part of the performance, interact with characters or environments, and create Instagram worthy moments to share.  Give your audience more than a show; create a multi-dimensional experience.

Go beyond the ceiling and reach for the stars. Through combining live action with animation, you will exceed expectations. To steal the show, you can’t be satisfied with just the status quo. Through transformative 3D projection mapping, you are able to build worlds without physically building anything.  Create magical experiences that will blow minds. Take your work to a new surface level.



Immerse your audience in the next great immersive, multi-layered, multi-dimensional experience.  Implement these 5 techniques to create a show that steers away from the conventional, step outside of the box and unleash your creativity.

#TeamEyeQ is always up for a creative brainstorming session to help elevate your show or event!  Just give us a call!  

Jenni Ogden